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  • Creamy stovetop mac and cheese

    This week is all about cheese. For me, mac and cheese is the ultimate comfort food. It’s so versatile. Add bacon, or other meat, different seasonings, vegetables, various toppings. But then there is this simple, Panera-like, creamy and super easy stove top version that resembles…

  • Vegetable Soup with Basil Pistou

    Do you like veggies? Do you like flavorful food? Then you are going to love this hearty vegetable soup with basil pistou! …

  • Kale and Sunflower Seed Pesto

    I feel like Lamb Chop. I’ve been singing “this is the cold that never ends. Yes it goes on and on my friend”! We have been sick since Christmas and I am ready for this virus to get a move on. I have not had…

  • Liz’s Beef Ragu

      Weekends are perfect for those meals that take just a bit more time to prepare. This recipe is perfect for that. Not only does it make a ton (yay leftovers!) but it makes the house smell wonderful. I loved walking into the house and…

  • Creamy Corn Pasta With Basil

      I feel like I’m back in business. I’m at least feeling better and I’m so excited to share this recipe with you. Like literally excited. It’s so good and so easy. It tastes like you are eating something that was super complicated to make,…