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  • Bacon and Greens Quesadilla

      Yay for Thursday. Technically it’s also Friday-eve, which make Thursday kind of magical. Back to the food. This food in particular. This quesadilla….O-M-G. For reals, this is so good. Mainly because there is bacon in it. Bonus there are greens, so it’s “healthy”. You…

  • BLT Pasta Salad

      Since flaking on my post yesterday, I wanted to make up for it by posting something that included bacon. This BLT pasta salad is something I’ve been dreaming about. When reality set in, I was not disappointed. This turned out fantastically. For me, spring/summer…

  • Bacon Balsamic Burger

    Do you have a case of the Monday’s? You’re not alone. I’m feeling it today too. It’s always hard to get back to work after a great weekend. I was absolutely exhausted, but it was so SO nice to spend time with my family and…