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  • Butternut Squash and Caramelized Onion Galette

    As I was thumbing through my new Christmas gift, the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook to be exact, this was one of the first recipes that caught my eye. It’s seasonal, I had a bunch of squash left from our garden this summer. It just seemed like…

  • Anyone Else Need a Sugar Cleanse?

    Happy November 1st! After a candy…..ok just sugar in general…..filled Halloween, I am craving something healthier. I am craving vegetables. Which is great because they are an important part of your diet. If you are feeling like me, in the need for something on the…

  • You Are The Cheese To My Macaroni

    It’s Friyay and I’m sharing the world best mac and cheese recipe. Legit, you are going to love this. I always default to a copycat type version of Panera’s mac and cheese. It’s easy, delicious, and definitely hits the spot when you are craving a…

  • Easy Pumpkin Pasta

      I don’t know about you, but I’ve recently purchased canned pumpkin from Costco because fall and I love pumpkin. Now I need to get creative to use it up. I certainly love baked goods, I mean Will Sing For Dessert sort of speaks for…

  • Celebrating Fall With Soup

    So remember last week when I mentioned loving this time of year, because I love the chilly weather, but we were basically living in a rain forest because it was super humid. Well, I am happy to share the fall weather has FINALLY arrived! So…