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  • Holiday Fudge

    I’m calling this Holiday fudge, because the original title did not do the flavor justice. Yes, there is coffee in here, but it’s not at all the main flavor. It’s the cinnamon. At first, when I sampled it, because fudge, I was mildly disappointed in…

  • Chocolate Raspberry Almond Rugelach

    This is my final new cookie recipe to share with you. It’s more involved than some of the others, but every bit worth it. Rugelach is my favorite pastry. I’m not sure I would necessarily call it a cookie, because it’s more of a mini…

  • Better Than Snickers Candy

    I love homemade candy, giving and receiving it! I made this recipe a long long time ago. I swear that I ate the entire batch it was that good. Since then, I had searched and searched my mother’s Taste of Home magazines trying to find…

  • Soft Gingerbread Cookies

    We are down to the wire. It’s just about Christmas and I am over baking…and cleaning…and wrapping up a storm. I’m not sure if anyone else feels like they are on overdrive, but I sure do. I wanted to share some easy to make recipes…

  • Greek Snowball Cookies

    I love holiday traditions. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the stress of the holiday season, ok for me most often it’s easy, but I always make time to bake at least a few cookies. I remember, growing up, we would be decorating…