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Game Day

  • Grilled Steak Tacos

    Tacos are generally reserved for Taco Tuesday, I know. But, when something is as good as tacos, it should be celebrated at all times. The steak in this recipe is grilled slowly, keeping the heat low. It allows the meat to cook evenly without burning…

  • Auntie Lisa’s Whoopie Pies

      Friday’s call for celebrations. So whoopie pie’s are perfect for the occasion. I LOVE these little pies of happiness. They are so delicious. For my bridal shower, we asked all of the guests to share one of their favorite recipes, and my mom and…

  • Chewy, Fudgy, Triple Chocolate Brownies

    It’s the Monday after my vacation, so I feel like these brownies are an absolute necessity. Also, Mondays. Homemade brownies are so good. I know, opening a box and tossing in a few ingredients seems so much easier, but it’s basically the same amount of…

  • Easy Cornbread

      I hope everyone had a happy 4th of July. We had a fantastic evening. We hosted a cookout at our house with my family and it was so much fun. If you aren’t following me on Facebook or Instagram, following along so you can…

  • Out Of This World Blondies

    Today is one of those days where I find myself craving something delicious to eat my way through the stressful work day. I made these blondies for the Easter holiday and they were a hit. They paired well with the cinnamon ice cream that I…