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  • Raspberry Chocolate Cobbler

      I am excited for the recipes I have to share this week and next. Everything I plan to post is Valentine’s Day inspired. Now that we have our son, we don’t really get a chance to get out, just the two of us. Though…

  • Better Than Snickers Candy

    I love homemade candy, giving and receiving it! I made this recipe a long long time ago. I swear that I ate the entire batch it was that good. Since then, I had searched and searched my mother’s Taste of Home magazines trying to find…

  • Zucchini Bread

    You know when you have a post planned for the day, and then something better comes up and you NEED to write a post about that instead? Well that happened here. I had the best intentions to stick to my schedule this week. But then…

  • Auntie Lisa’s Whoopie Pies

      Friday’s call for celebrations. So whoopie pie’s are perfect for the occasion. I LOVE these little pies of happiness. They are so delicious. For my bridal shower, we asked all of the guests to share one of their favorite recipes, and my mom and…

  • Chewy, Fudgy, Triple Chocolate Brownies

    It’s the Monday after my vacation, so I feel like these brownies are an absolute necessity. Also, Mondays. Homemade brownies are so good. I know, opening a box and tossing in a few ingredients seems so much easier, but it’s basically the same amount of…