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  • Holiday Fudge

    I’m calling this Holiday fudge, because the original title did not do the flavor justice. Yes, there is coffee in here, but it’s not at all the main flavor. It’s the cinnamon. At first, when I sampled it, because fudge, I was mildly disappointed in…

  • Chocolate Raspberry Almond Rugelach

    This is my final new cookie recipe to share with you. It’s more involved than some of the others, but every bit worth it. Rugelach is my favorite pastry. I’m not sure I would necessarily call it a cookie, because it’s more of a mini…

  • Gingerbread Cookies

    Still need some holiday inspiration? I mean it’s not as though it’s smacking you right in the face every time you go on social media. But gingerbread is such a holiday classic. That’s why I had to post another version of this seasonal favorite. I…

  • Dinky Doozies

      I cannot believe a week has already gone by, and I am just getting to this post now. There was nothing particularly difficult about the week, just super busy and I’m running on low. But, Friday’s and these cookies give me life. They are…

  • Tea Biscuits

      Did you ever play dress up and have tea parties growing up? I never did, but when my niece was young, we did just that. We would set a little table, put out little desserts, play with my makeup (sorry Kayla!) and get all…