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  • Granola Bark

      Anyone else need a breakfast or snack face lift? Now that the weather is getting warmer, I’m craving easier and lighter foods. Thank you Jesus! My diet has largely included the beige part of the rainbow, you know, the one for whole grains, or…

  • Dutch Baby

      I had one of the best dinners out I’ve had in a while. There is a fantastic little restaurant near my office that serves popovers basically the size of your head. If you are interested in said dinner, you can hop over to my…

  • Banana Bread

      Comfort, something I have been craving as of late. I hate to associate a recipe as delicious as this with a situation less than desirable, but such is life. This is a space where I can be honest. Sometimes that means the stories will…

  • Weekend Waffles

      I have proclaimed my love of breakfast a few times throughout my blog. It’s arguably my favorite meal of the day. Well that and snacking. (not quite a meal, but I do love snacks). I was reading through my A Couple Cooks, Pretty Simple…

  • Bagel Bombs

      Can we just talk about yesterday? I am all about more daylight especially when I am able to drive home from work in somewhat lighter conditions and feel like I don’t have to go to bed right when I get home because it’s pitch…