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  • Banana Bread

      Comfort, something I have been craving as of late. I hate to associate a recipe as delicious as this with a situation less than desirable, but such is life. This is a space where I can be honest. Sometimes that means the stories will…

  • Weekend Waffles

      I have proclaimed my love of breakfast a few times throughout my blog. Itโ€™s arguably my favorite meal of the day. Well that and snacking. (not quite a meal, but I do love snacks). I was reading through my A Couple Cooks, Pretty Simple…

  • Bagel Bombs

      Can we just talk about yesterday? I am all about more daylight especially when I am able to drive home from work in somewhat lighter conditions and feel like I don’t have to go to bed right when I get home because it’s pitch…

  • Grapefruit Poppy Seed Muffins

      If there was ever a day to make these muffins, it would be today. The weather is awful here. My morning commute included a drive through Narnia. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever driven through so many different types of weather to get to…

  • California Toast

      You may have seen, from my Instagram story over the weekend, that A Couple Cooks hosted a dinner party to celebrate the release of their new book. I would HIGHLY recommend it. If you are wanting to cook healthier, but not super complicated, but…