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  • Homemade Wonder Bread

    If I had to pick my favorite Christmas gift (aside from the new tires for my car) it would be this book BraveTart: Iconic American Desserts. There are so many things I want to try in this book, but my first test was this homemade…

  • Chia Seed Pudding

    Chia, it’s not just for plants! My first exposure to chia seeds, aside from the plants that you used to see everywhere, was in a drink. It was this gelatinous goop that was supposed to deliver these amazing health benefits but was the most disgusting…

  • Apple Cider Sangria

    If you are in need of a signature cocktail for the holiday, or just in need of a cocktail, you are going to want to make this. I had first tried this at a company happy hour and knew that I was going to recreate…

  • Oatmeal Latte

    I’m one of those weird people that loves the colder weather. I live in New England, how could I not, right?! The colder weather makes me crave a warm, slightly more indulgent breakfast. This oatmeal latte absolutely satisfies that craving. It’s a hearty oatmeal made…

  • Cinnamon Sugar Apple Doughnut Muffins

      There has been a whole lot going on here the last few weeks. The blog has unfortunately taken a back seat because of this, but all very exciting, all very much puppy/rescue focused, and all for a later time. But, I feel like I…