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  • Spooky-rita

      This time of year is my favorite, so I was pumped to share some fun and seasonal recipes. Also, NONE of them contain pumpkin spice. Not that I am ashamed of being basic, but it’s literally everywhere and I needed a break. My excitement…

  • Blood Orange Margaritas

      I would like to start today’s post with a VERY special announcement…..I remembered REAL shoes today! I’m not sure if you saw my Instagram post from yesterday, but I wore my boots to work, not fashionable ones, and legit forgot my flats. I didn’t…

  • Blood Orange Mojito

      It’s the most wonderful time of the year! That would be blood orange time, just to be specific. I love blood oranges. But I love love love love love them when they are made into blood orange mojitos. This is by far my favorite…

  • Cran-Rosemary Cocktail

      When I think about Thanksgiving and Christmas, it’s not just pumpkin and peppermint. Cranberries are such a festive little fruit for this holiday season, so I wanted to make something that incorporated the festiveness but was also refreshing. We are hosting Thanksgiving dinner again…

  • Eerily Delicious Drink

    I have a couple of fun Halloween day treats in store for you! I love Halloween, it’s such a fun Holiday. My son loves it too which makes it extra exciting for me. The decorations, the costumes, and mostly the fun food. I love a…