Welcome to the newest version of the blog. While it’s still a work in progress, I really wanted to get the family more involved in my hobby. My husband had so many suggestions on posts and my son is always asking me to video tape him doing “toy reviews” and basically anything silly, so I thought why not just let them do those things. And thus Growing Up Morales was born. I wanted to capture all of the family interests. Of course food is a big part of our lives so that won’t be going away entirely. But we also like doing fun things, so why not include those too.  If you have followed me for a while you’ll remember Will Sing for Dessert (which I will, by the way) and then the Live Everyday Fresh, my half ass attempt at a re-brand  that you will still see while I’m making updates to the site. Coming soon, we’ll share a bit more about each of us and out interests. Until then friends!


About the Photography

The photos taken here are all our own and we are learning! We have had no formal training. While this is something that has always been of interest, it’s still very new to us. We are excited to see the evolution of the blog and our improvements as a photographers and dare I say vloggers (eek!). I hope that through our learning (ie mistakes) we can inspire people feel comfortable to pursue their interests. We all have to start somewhere!

I cannot stress enough that quality pictures come through using quality shooting equipment. We somewhat recently updated to a Nikon d3400. I (Heather) love this camera and am still learning.

I hope you enjoy the blog as much as we have enjoyed creating it.