So. Much. Zucchini.


So your garden has most literally exploded with zucchini and now you’re wondering what to do with it. I have rounded up some of our favorite recipes to use up that zucchini.

First, is not quite a recipe but more of a suggestion. Give. It. Away. Bring it to the office and leave it in a common area for people to take. Or, give it to family and friends, though in our experience they have probably already received so much of it from you anyway, you may want to revisit option one. When that doesn’t work, and you are stuck eating zucchini for days (and days…and days…..and days……) you are going to want a variety so you don’t get sick of it. If you search for zucchini here, I have a couple of recipes that I love. Classic zucchini bread, a buttery casserole, and some summery risotto.

We planted so (ie too) much zucchini which resulted in what felt like one million zucchinis. To help use them up, I had to go beyond the usual and I wanted to share some of our new favorites.


Photo Credit: Chrissy Teigen “Cravings”

I love fries and I love Chrissy Teigen, so when I saw this easy to make zucchini version in her cookbook, it was one of the first things that I tried. I mean it’s a recipe from Chrissy Teigen so it’s going to taste good – amazing actually. If you don’t have her cookbook, get it. If you want a similar recipe now, you can just go here.  But really, buy the book, there are so many good recipes.



Photo credit: Everyday Annie

Another one of my blog favorites is Everyday Annie. She was the first blogger I discovered when I Got more into cooking. Literally everything I made was delicious. Now her blog is so much more, which I still love, and the recipes are still fantastic. This one is so so simple and unbelievably delicious. It’s a great way to use up your zucchini, left overs are great and you can also scramble it into some eggs or an omelet in the morning. Mind. Blown.  You can find her recipe here.



Photo Credit: Smells Like Home Blog

Another favorite blogger is Tara, from Smells Like Home Blog. I absolutely love her recipes. This recipe here, though. Any time I have an opportunity to combine cheese with anything, it’s like I’m experiencing love at first sight. I made this recipe and served it with some rice as a meatless meal. It was amazing.



Photo credit: SkinnyTaste Blog

I slightly adapted this recipe for dinner one night. What I love about stuffed zucchini is that you can really do anything and it will likely come out great. I substituted ground beef and added corn and black beans to mine. I served alongside some tortilla chips and it was seriously delicious. I had no problem eating this for lunch and as left overs for dinner it was seriously good.



Photo credit: How Sweet Eats Blog

Honestly, enough said. I had to end this post on a high note. I love baking, I love sweets, so to incorporate a vegetable into that is amazing. I made this quick bread and I was not sorry. The minute I put it into the oven it made the house smell so good. I basically sat on the kitchen floor waiting for it to be done. I will say there was a lot of streusel topping here. I did make mine in a bread pan, but you could easily use a baking dish rather than the bread pan. This bread takes breakfast…and snacking… to a new level. Life changing.

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