Earth Day 2018


Earth Day! Such an important day to celebrate. This year, Anthony’s teacher dedicated a week to learning about taking care of where we live. It’s all he talked about and I was super proud. His teacher does a phenomenal job teaching awareness, kindness, and taking care of the planet. All things that are super important! We kicked off our Earth Day celebration on Saturday. We spent a good amount of time outside in the afternoon. It’s been terrible weather here, like many places, so when we saw that glow outside, we ran out there to take advantage. Dare I say the Spring like weather has FINALLY made its return!

This year, I wanted to focus my Earth Day post on something special that we, as a family, are changing to make a difference right in our own yard. About two years ago, we had to remove a gigantic maple tree from our backyard. It was the saddest day because I absolutely loved that tree. We would sit under it, it provided so much shade, and then it provided carpenter ants. The tree was infested and it was losing its integrity. One good storm and it would have come down anyway. But, last year, we decided to replace the one tree with about a dozen fruit trees and some fruit bushes. We also planted a few lilac bushes and some other greenery. This year the focus has been on expanding our garden. Welcome Morales Family Farm! I feel like we could feed a community with what we are planting. Which is fantastic. I am beyond thrilled that my husband is getting into it this year as well. Usually it’s me planning it out, but this year it’s a family affair. I love Farm to table but there is nothing like yard to table. I love being able to go outside and pick right from our yard. It also tastes better. When I would cut up cucumbers for my son he would always ask “is this from our yard?” We even grew watermelon that was so sweet. Anthony would never eat it until we grew our own. Then he wouldn’t stop. There are other ways to garden, even if you do not have a ton of space. Urban gardens, container gardens, even an herb garden is a great place to start!


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