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I have lived in Massachusetts my entire life. I LOVE New England. There is something about the Boston spirit that makes me proud to live in this state. To start, we have awesome spots teams – if that is your thing. We do love the Bruins. Education is a main theme, hello Harvard, MIT….just to name drop a couple. But there is also so much history and culture here (have I mentioned the accent yet?). Whether you’re living near the Common, near the Back Bay, Cambridge, the North End, or Fenway (Go Sox!) there is always something going on. Farmer’s Markets, outdoor entertainment, New England Sea Aquarium, The Science Museum….. Shake Shack. Being a food blogger, my preference for spots to visit revolves heavily around the food scene. Boston is certainly not lacking in that, at all. Whether you are planning your next trip to Boston or looking to relocate, you need to check out Boston Real Estate.


Even though I’m from Massachusetts, I always feel like a tourist when I’m there. I love walking through Faneuil Hall or through Quincy Market. But I also love that when you walk outside, every neighborhood has its own personality. One of my favorite spots to visit is around the Financial District. Milk Street is home to dozens of fantastic restaurants, but my absolute favorite is Granary Tavern. We always have the best meal. When you are done, you can walk right across the street to the New England Aquarium. You can take a Harbor cruise, a Duck Tour, or just walk through the Waterfront Park. It’s truly a beautiful spot in the city. Also, not to be missed is Kane’s Donuts. Seriously, one look at their Instagram feed and you are going to want all the donuts. All walking distance from each other you can burn calories while you take in the scenery!


Boston’s Back Bay is another favorite spot of mine. Home to the Boston Public Garden, which also touches the theatre district. It’s full of awesome spots to shop. The Prudential Center, Copley Place, to name a couple. Again, so many food options here. The Prudential Center is home to the somewhat new Eataly Boston. The mecca for Italian gastronomy. Cue angelic sounds here!  Whether you are looking to dine out, or take some delicious treats home, it’s a spot to hit. They have so many counters featuring goodies of all kinds.  Another favorite is Saltie Girl Seafood Bar. If you like seafood, fun cocktails, and an awesome vibe, then you have to go here. The menu is nothing short of fabulous.


South Boston is a historic spot that is thriving. It’s great for young professionals, with money. But it’s a favorite of mine. I love the atmosphere. You’ve got beachfront and history all tied up into this up and coming place. Because I’m a foodie, if you are looking for a spot to get literally the best brunch, then you need to visit Lincoln Tavern and Restaurant. Not too far from there is Capo and Loco Taqueria & Oyster Bar. All very highly recommended.


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