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Late last year, I had relaunched my blog. I did this to really open up the content opportunities, so I could share more than just food. Today I am looking beyond the kitchen and sharing some of the other things that I am digging this month. Yea, I said digging. This list is in no particular order.

  1. The Crown: Talk about drama…. I am in LOVE with this Netflix series. I am honestly not sure why it took me until season 2 to watch this. Literally every person I talked to, recommended it. If that’s not an obvious sign, I’m not sure what is. So, I started to watch it while I had some time off at the end of the year. Oh.My.God. It’s fantastic. I highly highly recommend it.
  2. Smitten Kitchen Everyday: You have likely noticed that a lot of my recipes are from Smitten Kitchen, for a VERY good reason. They are fantastic! I got myself the book as a birthday gift to myself, because I’m impatient and cannot wait to get these things as gifts. I just about dogeared every page because each recipe was something new and exciting that I absolutely cannot wait to try. I recommend her blog to anyone interested in cooking. I love her writing style and her relaxed approach to recipes. Sure, some may have a bunch of steps, but it’s relatable and they are delicious.
  3. Schitts Creek: If I had to rank my favs, this would be number one. It’s an absolute must. This show is unbelievably funny. A colleague had recommended it, and basically anything with Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara in it, I am down to watch. The entire cast is amazing, and so talented. The episodes get better every time you watch them, so I recommend watching repeatedly. There are so many laugh out loud moments and I am so glad this was recommended to me. I feel obligated to share the wealth. It’s just too funny to miss.
  4. Wax and Wool: If you are looking for an amazing candle…. This is your place to go. I live in Massachusetts where the Yankee Candle flagship store is not far from my office. Maybe by default, it would seem like I have a preference, but honestly, it’s rare that I find a scent there that I can burn without a headache. When I was pregnant I had this wicked aversion to fragrances. Anything too perfumey would cause the worst headache and make me nauseous. Like French fries, this is one pregnancy thing I have not been able to kick. I had seen these on a fellow bloggers site. She was running a promo so I bought a couple. I thought, worst case scenario I can gift the unused ones and it won’t be a total loss. But, I didn’t need to. Finally, I found a candle that I can burn with literally no issues. They smell AMAZING!
  5. Only Love Today: I get all the feels when I think about this book. I’m part way through and still would recommend it to anyone looking for that reminder to be present now. For me, I get very caught up in basically everything. It’s partly my anxiety, but partly my not being able to say no. I let the insignificant things get the best of me, and really put less focus on what’s important. Just the other day, I was feeling overwhelmed and my son came over to me to explain something. At first my heart was racing like I don’t have time for this, but I sat down on the floor and gave him my undivided attention. Listening him explain to me whatever it was literally melted away my anxiety and I thought, this is exactly what this books message is. It’s perfection.
  6. Girlboss Podcast: Women who have made their mark?! Love it!! This podcast has been on every commute to work. It’s so inspiring and motivating. Definitely worth a listen.
  7. Blanket Scarves: Ok, when you are living in below zero temps for a few weeks, you are going to want to wrap yourself in one of these too. It doesn’t help when the part of the office where I sit feels like the outside temps at times. It has been to the bone cold and these scarves have been a wardrobe must. Nothing beats being cozy all day!
  8. Wine All the Time: I love this book. Almost enough said! If you want to learn more about wine, without being a d!ck about it, then this is your book. And yes, I did say that. The book covers this too, but there are so many people out there that talk a big wine game without really knowing about wine. This gives you upper hand knowledge without making you the worst.
  9. Fresh Lip Treatment: Just like a blanket scarf, lip treatment is super important particularly when your face becomes an ice cube as soon as you leave the house. Fresh is one of my favorites. I love the light tint, though I tend to layer it on, so it’s more than a tint, but it works. It’s also great to wear over other lip color or under gloss.
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