National Lampoon’s European Vacation is one of my favorite movies. I had it in the back of my mind during my recent trip to Europe. My sister and I always compare our family to the Griswold’s. Every time we take a family trip, anywhere, something silly happens. Although this trip was for work, I carried on the tradition. The week was packed. We were in London, Geneva, Zurich, Milan, and Munich.

London was great, after I got through the anxiety of having no sleep and finding out my son had got the stomach bug. It felt like literally everything I was worried about happening that week, happened. It was my first time away from my son for so long. I have to admit I was dreading that part the most. I’m anxious when I’m hone and he gets sick, but being so far away, was terrible. But, he was fine, my husband did great. The day was full of meetings, but the best part was the last meeting of the day. We were in Shepherd’s Market at L’ETO. I got what was literally the best iced tea I’ve ever had. The café was the perfect vibe and I was totally in my element. If I could have spent all day there, I would have.

We left for Geneva that evening and arrived late. I will say, the hotel situation on Sunday night was not great. I was absolutely exhausted, but Geneva did not disappoint. The hotel was beautiful and if you are ever in Geneva and are looking for a great place to stay. I loved Switzerland. It was so beautiful. Our time in Geneva was short, but I loved being there. Even if it was just for a day.

That afternoon we traveled to Zurich. We stay at Motel One, which is super funky.  We found an awesome spot to grab dinner and I would highly recommend. Di Gioia Cafe is a small spot with amazing food. An absolute must while you are there is Sprungli. Literally the best chocolate. Zurich is absolutely stunning. It’s so picturesque and lovely. Absolutely lovely. I could have stayed there the rest of the week. But, you know, heading to Milan next was an “ok you twisted my arm, I’ll leave” moment. We took a train from Zurich to Milan. The view, some of which is pictured below, is breathtaking. I wish I could have gotten better shots, but it’s so hard from the train. If you are ever traveling to Italy, definitely go for the train.

Milan, I mean what can I even say about Milan. It was certainly a highlight of the trip. The landscape is so beautiful and the food. It’s every foodies dream. Sometimes when I travel I like to play it safe and eat things that are normal for me, but this trip I let go a bit. I had venison in Geneva, a lot of raw fish in Milan, and a traditional meal in Oktoberfest. All of which did not disappoint. But back to Milan. There are so many things to take pictures of while you’re there. I was fairly isolated to the inner circle of the city, but even that was plenty to keep me occupied for the short time I had. I would love to go back and visit again.

The last stop of the trip was Munich. We attended Oktoberfest which I have to admit I Was nervous about yet pleasantly surprised. I was out of my element, for sure, but I was ok with that. With the week starting out so stressful, I just sort of let myself let go of that for a bit and just relax and take it all in. We got to wear the traditional dress, and get the full experience. Honestly, I think it’s something you would want to experience at least once. I’m glad it’s checked off the bucket list. The trip was great but I’m so happy to be home and get back into the normal groove. I will be posting some fun recipes this week so be sure to stop back!

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