Back to School Haul

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I’m so excited to share this haul with you. I can’t help but feel that excitement/nervousness as we are in the back to school season. Thankfully, Anthony is still in daycare, but we are getting ready for a new classroom. It’s also a busier time of year. While I’m a food blogger and I do enjoy cooking/baking, there are times when you just need something simple. I love the Annie’s Homegrown products. If I can’t make it myself, this is definitely a product that I do not feel bad about giving my son. While this post is not sponsored, we simply love the product, I’d love to do a sponsored post about this. We love them that much!
Now we’ve been a bit under the weather here. My son got a cold a couple weeks ago, which mu husband got…..then me. Now it appears the little one is getting it again, or perhaps this thing is just lingering, but we needed a treat this weekend. Like seriously needed a treat. I’ve been taking vitamin D, drinking my spa water, taking Elderberry, ginger turmeric tea, you name it. But, I needed a comfort that was quick and tasty. So these cookies were it. So easy and my son got to help so win win!
Check out our video to see the rest of the goodies we got last week!
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