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As my son always says: Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. This water is something else. I love infused water. I’ve experienced a few that seriously look like someone took frozen fruit cocktail and dumped it into water. It just did not look appealing.  I was talking with a colleague last week about an event we did in Dallas. We stayed at the Crescent Hotel, which is absolutely beautiful. I was a nursing mom at the time I traveled, so of course when we arrived at the hotel, our rooms were not ready. I had to pump somewhere, so they sent me to the spa! There were no tears coming from this girls eyes…..well maybe happy tears… While I was trying to get situated a wonderful staff member offered my some spa water. Let me tell you, pumping never felt so luxurious. That water was basically the highlight of my trip. It was so darn tasty! So naturally, when this summer cold that’s been making it’s rounds hit our entire house, I needed something to cure my sore throat. Seriously, it feels like I swallowed fire ants. What better than a water that not only tastes refreshing, but provides some serious vitamin C. The hint of mint really makes this water refreshing. It’s so easy to put together and just let it sit. I let mine sit for about an hour before I started to drink it. I used still water, but you could definitely add some sparkling if you wanted to add something fun.

For this super simple water I added a handful of mint, 1/4 cucumber (sliced), lemon, lime, orange, and about 8 strawberries (sliced). First I added the mint to the pitcher and crushed with a wooden spoon. I added in the fruit and then filled the pitcher with water. I mixed it around a bit and let it sit in the fridge for about an hour before I started to drink it.

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