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When thinking of a name for this post, I didn’t want to just settle for tuna salad because, gross. It just sounds plain, boring, and it’s fish. But this salad is anything but that. There is a small chain of sandwich shops in New England. I think they have like 6, maybe 7, spots in New England. They happen to be close to where I work and it’s a great spot to grab a sandwich when you’re in a pinch. I had gone there for lunch a while back with a friend and we ordered tuna. When I got the sandwich, my first thought was this has so many flavors….how?! I mean to me, tuna was so boring! It was also that food you only ate a few times because…tuna. But when you add in a layering of flavors with fresh veggies, a surprise sweetness, and some fresh herbs, you basically have a magical salad. I chose to serve mine with a side of multi grain chips, but when I originally had this it was served sandwich style and it was oh so good. I’m the only one who eats tuna in the house, both my husband and son basically want to run away any time I suggest it, so it was fun to do something a little fancy for lunch. It’s super quick and easy and any time I can toss in some fresh herbs from my garden…score!



  1. Drain the tuna. In a small bow, combine the tuna, celery, onion, and apple. Mix to combine ingredients and break up the tuna. Add in the mayo and mix to combine. Add in the dill and mix again. Add salt and pepper to taste.


Recreated from this sandwich shop.

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