Fresh Mint Cookies and Cream Shake


I cannot believe I am already toward the end of my vacation. This week flew by but I guess that’s always the case when you are enjoying some much needed time at home. It’s just been me and the little one home this week, so we’ve been having fun hanging out. One of the best things about vacation is getting to enjoy things like this. I wouldn’t typically make this during a work week, but during vacation it’s entirely appropriate. It’s also a great way to incorporate the herbs growing in our garden. I’m that weirdo that walks around my deck admiring my herbs. The mint has been my favorite recently, it just smells so wonderful (shhhh please don’t tell the basil which is seriously my favorite). I was dreaming of mojitos or mint tea, and then I found this recipe and made it pretty much immediately. The original recipe was easily convincing when she mentioned that it’s healthy when there is basically little pieces of lettuce in it. So if you are trying to be uber healthy, just think of it as a smoothie….. But in all reality, the freshness of the mint in here is so nice. Also, any recipe that calls for Oreo’s, is a must obvs. I mean Oreo’s. I didn’t adjust anything in this recipe and it was absolutely perfect. If you want it mintier, just use a bigger handful. If you want a bit less, just use a smaller handful. I think I used 6 or so leaves and I thought it was great.


  1. Add all ingredients into the blender, and combine. Enjoy!


Recipe from How Sweet It Is. 

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