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This crazy beautiful weekend. It was full of smiles, snuggles, stress, family and friends. Just as every weekend should be. We kicked off Friday evening with a serious snuggle sesh and some cookies that fellow blogger Chelsea’s Messy Apron posted on her Instagram. Literally, I think I have sound my spirit animal. I knew instantly that these were happening in my kitchen. They did, and they are amazing. I brought some to my family over the weekend and they did not last. They are seriously that good! Saturday we had a great morning. We went to celebrate my niece Sadie’s birthday and Anthony took home bags of popcorn. He, just yesterday, decided he likes it and now it’s literally he talks about. Thankfully he has a few  bags to keep him satisfied for a while. We ended the afternoon with a graduation party, Congratulations Jered! It’s always nice to spend time with family, though my 3 year old acted as if he downed about 3 pounds of sugar before we got there. He just about fell asleep on the ride over and when we arrived, you can just imagine the overtired energy that shortly ensued. It happens, as stressful as it is. We all survived! Sunday Anthony had a play date with “his favorite person” from school. It was so great to watch him interact with his little buddy and explore all sorts of fun things the museum had to offer. After the fun, it’s time to shift some serious focus to setting up my blog posts for this week. I’ve for that grilling recipe I promised last week that I plan to share tomorrow. I’ve got a sweet and boozy granita, a dip inspired dinner, and a classic soup that never goes out of style!

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