Watermelon Margarita



Margaritas and Mondays. Sounds like it could be a song. Maybe it is? I’ll look it up later because I need to share these margaritas with you. We had a rather exciting long weekend this weekend. With the arrival of our new pup and getting adjusted here, it’s been a bit overwhelming, so I thought the perfect way to wind down would be a margarita. Specifically a watermelon margarita. When we bought our blender, it came with some great recipes, one being watermelon juice. Since this trendy beverage has hit the scene it’s all I hear about, so I decided to jump in and make something yummy with it. It’s supposed to have some serious health benefits, so really, what could be better than a healthy margarita? It’s simple, not a lot of ingredients. So basic, yet so tasty. I love how the lime dulls the sweetness, yet the sweetness balances out the tequila. It’s a great combination of flavors. I opted for a sugared rim, though I think a salted rim would be quite good here. The drink itself is very refreshing. It’s so good I have another idea planned for this for the summer months!


  1. In your blender, combine watermelon, ice, agave, and lime juice. Blend until smooth and juice like consistency.
  2. Line two glasses with sugar (or salt) mixture. To do this, rub a slice of lime around the rim and then roll the top into the sugar mixture until covered. Add ice to each glass. Pour about 1 ounce, of more if you prefer a stronger margarita, into each glass. Divide the watermelon juice between each glass. Garnish with additional lime slices if you like.


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