Sunday Coffee Talk and a Special Announcement


I’m sure this image says it all. First, the special announcement. As you can see here, we have adopted a dog! Her name is Sandi and she is from Save our Strays in Texas. We found her online while looking at various rescues and at first glimpse we were all excited at the possibility. Thankfully the stars aligned and we were promptly approved to adopt this beautiful rescue. It was a week long process, at most, so it was full steam ahead getting prepped for her arrival. We’ve only ever had a cat, so this has definitely been an adjustment. Although we are literally still less than 24 hours into her arrival, there has been some stress introducing the cat to her. Not on her end though, she is literally the chillest dog I have ever met. She knows some commands, is house broken, and is absolutely beautiful. She is unbelievably full of snuggles, hugs, kisses, which works wonders when you have anxiety. She’s absolutely fantastic with our son. I’m sure the stress is all part of the process but we could not be happier to have her here. Especially my son who has instantly called her his best friend. He’s 100% without a doubt in love with her. He uses her as a pillow and she loves it.


Now I have to find the energy to pull myself away from her to create some posts for this week. I’m planning some outdoor/grilling recipes, a delicious side and a great way to get those veggies into your diet. A fun boozy drink is definitely in order, so I’ll include one of those too. Also, if anyone has tips on introducing pets to each other, I am all ears!

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