Sunday Coffee Talk



Just the kind of weekend I needed. We had so much fun outside, honestly I think we were barely in the house. Same is on tap for today, so I’m excited to get the day started. Although there is some serious laundry and cleaning that needs to happen, so I’ll have to make time for that too, I guess. But back to Saturday. We finally got some planting done, which makes me so so happy. I love adding some color to our yard. I have some ideas for making our various gardens more appealing, so I’m impatiently waiting for a minute to get that done. Hopefully I can start that transition next weekend. That bonus day off will certainly help! I also have a very fun Thirsty Thursday segment coming up for the month of June. I’m very much looking forward to kicking that off next week. It will feature some fun collaboration with my sister, so be sure to come back and check that out! For this week I have a delicious salmon recipe, some homemade donuts, and a coffee beverage that I love. I’m also going to include a dessert since those have been kind of lacking lately. And now, back to my Sunday!



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