Sunday Coffee Talk


Yay for the weekend! The last couple weeks at work have been crazy. So when I have an opportunity to disconnect and have some fun I take advantage of that. Saturday turned out to be a really nice day and we were able to spend most of it outside. I can’t say the same for today, but I have a lot of fun recipes that I’ll be preparing today for future blog posts, so still fun, for me anyway! I find those crazy weeks leave me feeling overtired and completely drained. So to help myself out of this funk, I’m focusing on some lighter, brighter, energy full meals for blog and our menu this week! I’m definitely craving the happier flavors of the warm weather when things seem to settle just a bit. For the blog, I’m planning to share a grilled salad (yup!), a tropical inspired meal, some simple syrup that will be sure to brighten your day and a burger that will take your grilling game up a few notches, it’s that good. Also, that fun announcement I mentioned last week should happen this week…maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow? I can certainly say soon, so stay tuned and come back to check it out!

In the meantime, here are some highlights from our weekend so far. 


And here, I’m sharing my sons love for his new umbrella. It was sunny, and he insisted it was raining just a little, and he needed it. He also gave us a thorough lesson on how to open and shut it once the rain does come. We also had a chance to visit our favorite little farm in Hadley, MA. I tried the Hadley Grass ice cream. IF you are a local you know Hadley grass is what we call saparagus. It was good/interesting, though I was not a fan of the frozen asparagus chunks inside.

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