Mexican Hot Chocolate


Some days require chocolate, in any form. This hot chocolate is the perfect morning treat or evening dessert. The subtle spice doesn’t cause agita, and the cinnamon/nutmeg flavors warm you right up! I love a normal dessert, but there is something about hot chocolate that just makes me feel happy, like when I was a kid on winter break. This spicy version makes me feel like a happy adult.  What I like about making this myself is that I can control the heat. I don’t mind heat that warms your mouth, but I definitely do not want a drink that is going to burn my insides. You can also play around with your flavor preference. If you want more cinnamon, you put in that extra cinnamon. Consider this my pre-Cinco de Mayo chocolaty gift to you!



  1. Add milk to a medium saucepan and heat on medium heat until warm. Add in the spices and chocolate and whisk together until smooth. Add in the sugar and whisk until dissolved. Add a dash of vanilla and stir to incorporate. Serve warm with whipped cream or as is.


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