Blondie Ice Cream Sandwich



What do you get when you combine these amazing blondies with this amazing ice cream? The best ice cream sandwich ever! I was going to post about rice pilaf this week, but I just wasn’t feeling it. This week was just awful, so I felt like a sweet treat was absolutely essential to end the week. I had made these blondies and this ice cream for Easter, and got creative with the ice cream sandwich. Immediately, I was pleased with my decision so I made another and popped it in the freezer for a day when I needed it. I am now regretting not making a million of these for days when I needed them. Check back tomorrow for my coffee talk post. I have a lot of festive recipes planned for Cinco de Mayo. I’ll be posting daily this week with festive foods so be sure to come visit! Spoiler alert, hot chocolate and churros will be involved.

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