Earth Day Inspiration and Coffee Talk Reflection


It’s Earth Day, the perfect time to reflect on our habits and make some positive changes to help the environment. I first want to reflect on our weekend. Last weekend I skipped the usual Sunday Coffee Talk post to spend time with family. We had a wonderful Holiday, and way too many yummy treats (though I am not complaining in the least). It was great. We started the weekend with the last Hockey game of the season (well second to last). They won, it was exciting and my son is still obsessed with hockey. We also kept to tradition and visited a bakery on Friday morning. We always grab the babka, and various breads and or course donuts! We walked around the mall, participated in our town’s egg hunt (watch their video here you can spot us in the video!). We even enjoyed a mall pretzel, one of Anthony’s favorite treats. I spent all of Saturday night helping the Easter Bunny get prepped for Sunday. So. Much. Fun. Now with the Holiday well behind us, we are able to slow down a bit and enjoy some much needed time outside. This week I’m going to share an easy homemade rice pilaf recipe, some homemade soft pretzels for toddler snacking, Anthony’s all time favorite smoothie and some chocolate swirl buns that are to die for.


Now onto some Earth Day inspiration. This day always inspires me to make some positive changes. Always, the first is to reduce waste. One of the things I would love to get this year is a compost bin. Compost is such an important part of a healthy garden and a great way to use some of the items that we would otherwise toss. We have had a vegetable garden the last couple years and we love it. It’s something fun to do with my son and I love going to check on it every morning. I also want to get a couple of fruit trees and plant some new greenery in our back yard. Food waste is always a big issue in our house and I think a lot of other homes. I want to focus more on purchase what we actually need and less hoarding of snacks. It’s always a challenge with a young one because he is such a picky eater that we tend to have more than our need of snacks, but we’re working on it. Also purchasing more fair trade items. Fashionable is an awesome site for accessories and things that are all Fair Trade. I’ve linked to an AMAZING tote that I purchased a couple years ago. I absolutely love love love it.


Some Earth Day things I’m loving:

I recently watched Food Inc and I would highly recommend it.
I purchased reusable sandwich/snack bags and absolutely love them. You can find a wide variety here!
We all have reusable water bottles that we love.
This Netflix series! A blast from the past with benefits.
Organic reusable napkins
Reusable grocery bags – with style!
Wool dryer balls – amazing! Anthony is really sensitive, so these were a great investment!


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