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Happy Sunday fellow dessert lovers. This weekend has been full of fun and sickness and disinfecting said sickness (well that part is coming). We kicked the weekend off with a hockey Game on Friday. My niece had an opportunity to sing the National Anthem, opening for our local team, the Thunderbirds. Bonus… Anthony is absolutely in love with hockey (and his cousin Sadie) and always enjoys the game. The downside… it was icy and cold and he was coming down with a cold. So, Saturday was rough. Despite my best efforts to get him to rest he still insisted on helping me with some recipe prep. Although he kept reminding me Daniel Tiger says rest is best when you’re sick, he would not follow that advice. Honestly, if I had half his energy when I was feeling well, that he has when he’s sick, I’d be golden. This could also be due to the increased amount of Popsicles, aka frozen sugar water, he’s had. I do have to say Saturday was very productive with a lot of recipe prep, things to come in the next week and couple of months. This blog is still so new and I have so many fun ideas, I’m trying to reign it in a bit and get organized, but much more to come here in the future! For now, I’ll be spending a good part of my Sunday disinfecting pretty much every surface in this house. I’m trying to avoid this cold, but given the amount of times I’ve been coughed on, sneezed on, and used as a human tissue, I feel like it’s inevitable. I’ll be stocking up on some super immune booster foods when I head to the store. I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into our weekend. This week, on the blog, I’m featuring some main meal recipes. Although I LOVE anything to do with dessert and sugar (and there will certainly be some of that here too), I have to balance it out. Happy rest of the weekend to you!

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