Third Times the Charm


I felt like I needed to write something, since it’s been very quiet here for a while. When I launched this blog it was a way for me to share recipes that I love. It was so much fun putting everything together, taking mediocre photos, and sharing stories. But I started to feel restricted, so I re-branded. And I’m feeling like the re-brand was a bit half-assed to be completely honest, and I was getting bored. I was sort of walking in circles trying to figure out the best direction to go. I work full time as well, so I want to focus spare energy on something that I’m excited about and it was becoming a struggle.

The thing is, I’m tired. I’m tired of just sharing recipes, I’m tired of trying to get the “perfect” shot. I want so much more for this space. We’re not perfect, but we have fun together, individually, but more importantly honestly. So it got me thinking, if I want more for this space, how about making this space more. Duh! After talking to my husband, we agreed to take a leap and take this on as a family. Giving us a chance to share more about us individually, and together. My husband is into gaming and grilling and guy things. I’m into gardening, and cooking, and knitting and sewing, my son is a silly 4 year old who loves to review toys for us, and get in the kitchen and just have fun! I always ask myself, what DO you want to do when you grow up? I know I want to enjoy the little time I have with my family, write (almost literally) our story and share it with people who are interested. I want to celebrate the things that make us unique, maybe boring at times, but hopefully relatable to other people out there.

So, we are going to rebrand again. Third times the charm! If you follow me on social media, you might have seen me use the hashtag “Growing Up Morales”. Well…..Drum roll……  this is going to be our new brand! The blog, maybe a vlog, and definitely a whole lot of fun. We will have our separate spaces where we can share our interests but also document us “growing up” as a family. I hate the term growing old, although truly what happens, I prefer the concept of always growing up – personally, literally, as individuals and together. There will be a little of everything on here, so I hope that you come back to check it out. We do not have an official date in mind to official reveal everything, but we will share when we do! Follow me on social media as Live Everyday Fresh and follow us at #growingupmorales.

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